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She is all eyes as I rifle through the vanity drawer for a little crown that I bought for her to wear to a princess dress up party in a few weeks. The sheer joy that crosses my beautiful girl’s face at the sight of her prince makes my heart skip a beat. Doesn’t he know this body is a temple just begging to be worshiped? Maybe she was more into this Jason guy than she’s letting on. We have nothing there but an empty house filled with memories of my father. She keeps that place like a shrine to a man who left her for another woman. Don’t ever forget that.” Her face turns sad, and I’m having one of those all too frequent “foot in mouth” moments. You have no idea how much I would love to have a nagging, bitching mother.” “Oh God, I’m such a bitch. You know my nagging, bitching mother loves you like her own, right? Most of the time I’m convinced she would take Cass over me as her daughter any day. I do,” she says as she wipes the tears just beginning to form in the corners of her eyes. ” For the next two hours, my best friend and I drink margaritas and dance until we drop. It’s a picture of him and Tillie at the show that he must have had someone else take.Abbott looks like a dream in his suit and tie, perfectly styled blond locks, and the same striking blue eyes as Tillie. ” “You didn’t do so bad yourself, Charming,” I say, and I give him a lingering look that lets him know just how significantly he will be rewarded for his efforts. ” she teases while running her hands provocatively down her front, tracing her tiny breasts and hips. “Speaking of your body, you’re looking really thin again, Cass. I swear you’re withering away.” Cassie has always been a stick of a girl. She could best be described as a beanpole, but don’t let that fool you. I feel myself begin to sweat, and my throat constricts. The boss’ll be excited to have her favorite playmate over for dinner every night,” I say as I wink at her. “I know it’s not the same thing, but you’re family. Then, we cuddle up on the couch in front of the fifty-inch flat screen to catch a few DVR’d episodes of American Idol. I can’t help the smile that spreads across my face at what a beautiful pair they are. Where I am unremarkable with my brown hair, brown eyes, and freckles, they are breathtakingly beautiful.I smother my sweet girl in kisses and instruct her to have a great time. “What are you making that shit-eating grin at over there? I don’t recognize the number, and since it’s after nine o’clock, I get a nervous feeling in my gut as I press the phone to my ear. Orgeron is a Cajun girl with a big heart and a passion for romance.What do you do when you have betrayed the love of your life but he is no longer there to grant you forgiveness?

If being the mother of a three-year-old girl has taught me anything, it is that they are serious about their pink, and you can’t rationalize with three-year-old girls. I am sure Abbott and I don’t help matters by catering to her every whim, but she is just too damn cute with her golden blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and the deepest set of dimples you’ve ever seen. It isn’t like it took her hours to pick a dress she liked.

I know, we are going to regret it later, but we choose to enjoy her now. We can just pick something else to wear that’s pink, and I get to wear the pink bow! Now she wants to wear something else so she can match the dress to the bow, rather than matching the bow to the dress.

“Baby girl, your dress is blue, just like your beautiful blue eyes,” I tell her as I hold the pink bow against the silky blue fabric of her dress. Don’t you want to look pretty for your date with Daddy? I thought this stuff didn’t start until they were teens. Abbott really will be here any second to pick her up. She has no clue where they will be going, only that she has a birthday date with her daddy.

” Tillie tilts her head to the side as she considers this for a moment before coming up with a solution of her own. She’s bubbling over with excitement, and I could not be more in love with that man.

Her smile is radiant, and the look of adoration on Abbott’s face makes my eyes well up. “You two better get going or you’ll be late.” Abbott glances down at his watch. We better head out.” He sets Tillie down and reaches for her hand. and make sure you’re alone when we get back,” he whispers suggestively into my ear. Cassie is absolutely stunning with her wavy red hair and green eyes. I’m apprehensive, but I have to tread carefully, or Cassie will shut down on me. “Now, are you going to get this frumpy, old housewife drunk or are we going to sit here and stare at that bottle of Jose all night? I will never understand what Abbott saw in a plain Jane like me. ” Then, she runs over to check it out because the girl does not know the meaning of the word boundaries. Tillie is such a lucky girl to have a father that adores her the way Abbott does. I’m so happy our baby girl does.” Before I have a chance to respond, the phone dings again. And all this time I thought we were cool,” she jokes.Abbott crouches down to her level and pulls a dozen pink roses from behind his back with one hand and swoops her up into his arms with the other. “You don’t have too much fun with Cassie while we’re gone . He brushes his nose along my nape, causing the baby hairs to stand on end as a shiver moves through my body. Whatever it was, I hope he never loses sight of it. She snatches my phone out of my hand, and she too cracks a huge smile. And, being the nosey bitch that she is, Cass reads it. He says I better be gone by the time they get back. Thirty minutes later, as Cassie is packing up her things to head home, my phone rings.



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