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Soon after, Renata is forced to marry Fausto Lopez (Sergio Goyri), an ambitious and cruel man who takes advantage of the situation.As years pass, Abigail grows up believing that Renata is her godmother.Prior to Crowds Unite, he worked for investment banks Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital. Crowds Unite is a resource for helping fund ideas online.By Paulette Cohn Overview: Mark Tacher and Zuria Vega return to Univision primetime, along with a stellar cast including Altaír Jarabo, Eric del Castillo, Ferdinando Valencia, Laisha Wilkins, Rebecca Jones, Sabine Moussier and Sergio Goyri in premieres Monday, January 19 at 10 p.m. Don Bruno wants to give away Renata's baby girl, Abigail (Zuria Vega), so he asks one of his servants, Macaria (Sabine Moussier), to raise little Abigail as her own daughter. Cast: Mark Tacher Zuria Vega Altaír Jarabo Eric del Castillo Ferdinando Valencia Laisha Wilkins Rebecca Jone Sabine Moussier Sergio Goyri Rebecca Jones Brandon Peniche Alejandra García Irán Castillo Diego Muñoz Diana Montero Alejandro Ávila Ana Bertha Ana Patricia Rojo Raúl Olivo Social Media: Viewers can join the conversation regarding on Twitter via @novelasyseries and using the hashtag #Que Te Perdone Dios, as well as comment along with others on facebook.com/Univision Plot Overview: Shot on location throughout some of the most spectacular landscapes in Mexico, It's a relationship she knows her father Don Bruno (Eric del Castillo) will never approve of, and when he finds out that Renata is in love with Pablo, he threatens to kill him, not knowing that Renata is already pregnant with Pablo's baby.Later on, Fausto's nephew Mateo (Mark Tacker), a young, handsome, and daring man returns to the ranch after finishing his medical degree overseas, and falls for Diana Montero (Altair Jarabo) not knowing she is the lover of his uncle.Eventually, Mateo realizes that the woman he really loves is Abigail.


The young couple will have to find the courage to defend their everlasting love.

Eric graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Operations Research and Information Engineering.

He educates government agencies like NYC Business Solutions and the Small Business Development Center on crowdfunding.

He spoke on crowdfunding conferences, panels, and teaches workshops.

Alex was featured on the January issue of Entrepreneur Magazine for his accomplishments in the crowdfunding industry.His writings about crowdfunding were published on major websites such as and Crowdfund Insider.



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