Who is lola falana dating

I pray you continue to do well, if by any chance you sign or send photos please send me one, and please send you TV appereances. I really would love to hear from you through an e-mail or a letter just telling me how you got through the first stages of MS. I sunk pretty low for a while and I hurt my family because I couldn't figure out what I was going to do. But my savior has plans for me so I just keep on living and listening and reading the word. All my love and Blessing for your health and peace. Se dovesse essere interessata a visionar Le, potrebbe contattarmi al suddetto indirizzo e-mail grazie dell'attenzione, Luciana I'M 61 YRS. OLD AND I GROW-UP WATCHING HER ON TV AND THINKING SHE WAS OR IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN, AND I'M JUST GLADE TO KNOW SHE O. Do you remember dancing at the Mc Donalds playland on Maryland Pkwy? I was the one cleaning up the park, but you were a beautiful woman doing that for the kids.


I think you were a great entertainer and will always be one of my favorites. It was you physical attration at first and its about your inner beauty and spiritual awakening. I too have been stricken with MS and my faith as really carried me through some difficult times. Falana, Last Time I saw a web posting of you, were yearning to go to Medjugory.I hope you were able to make the pilgrimage and Yes, Jesus and Mary are still doing miracles in my life. The good news is that you are on the Lord's side now and I am too.

God Bless you and I hope to hear a personal note from you. In fact I am a preacher/evangelist of the good news "Jesus Saves." He is awesome isn't he? I know you have A big Birthday coming up so A very Happy Birthday to you and many more.

Hello dear friend and true child of God I was so lucky to have met you in person and you helped us save our house You have been in my prayers and Icried when I heard about the ms you and I are both in our 70-s now and My husbasnd passed in 94 Im a great grandmother now and i remember you and that wonderful uplifting smile of yours I send to you my well wishes and spirit strength and will try to find your church in las vegas-I've since moved to Colorado am hoping theres a website for your church God bless you Dianna Dear Lola, it is my frist time to see your photo, many many people they call me lola and they toled me that i look like you, it is true, since one week i see your photo again and again, we have the same face, we seems twins.i am so happy that i look like you ,b/c you are so beautifull. i don't know realy if you can read this one,i will be very glad to ricive your maill. Dearest Lola, many years I watch you dance,what an inspiration you were to me moving forward in my life. I had wonder where you were and now I have found you I will keep in touch. I thought you wre soo gorgeous then; now, as a new Catholic and believer in God, I can only imagine how lovely you are now. My body has fallen apart, my spine, my knees, my eyes..I can still love the world and think of you ..pray for you and with you and I will..my love, Bob Rosenberg Buonasera, mi chiamo Luciana e mi scuso già da ora del tempo di cui la sto impegnando ma vorrei entrare in contatto con Lei per far Le visionare alcune foto scattate Le dallo zio di un mio caro amico il 28 luglio 1967 a Castiglioncello (LI). Pino Perrone,è stato quello ufficiale della zona e di quegli anni. Pino per i servizi fotografici realizzati alle feste dei vips in vacanza nella zona, custoditi gelosamente e minuziosamente dallo stesso fino alla sua prematura morte e per far “rivivere” quelle foto in bianco e nero scattate con una vecchia macchina, abbiamo cominciato a riordinare il lavoro di tanti anni e di tanti personaggi, tra cui sono emerse le Sue.



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