Who does britney spears dating

He knows a thing or two about pressure, extremely high expectations, as well as not being able to perform when you’re sick.

Rihanna’s not in good spirits right now, and that’s why As Hollywood previously reported, Rihanna cancelled her Grammy Awards performance just minutes before she was supposed to go on stage on Feb. And a source EXCLUSIVELY told us that it’s because she’s extremely depressed about both low album sales for Now that Chris has been talking to Rihanna on the phone, we can only hope he gets through to her before something bad happens.

The 34-year-old wants to do more than just her Las Vegas residency, an insider reveals, and thinks a TV series would be “a great way to find a boyfriend.” The insider adds that Jamie, who calls the shots under Britney’s court-ordered conservatorship, has vetoed the idea for now, but “he’s promised he’ll consider it in the future.” RELATED: ' Bachelorette' Spoilers — See Jo Jo Fletcher's Final 4 Men!

“It’s just the mind game with guys, the calling back and texting, it’s just too much, it’s silly.

"Just a nice guy really is groundbreaking in this world. It's just the mind game with guys, the calling back and the texting, it's just too much, it's silly," she said on his show.

She recounted suffering through a date with a guy who looked "like a lizard." that a guy she was really into turned her down after an "awkward" movie date.

In the meantime, it looks like she's enjoying the single life surrounded by friends. Britney Spears opened up about her love life during a recent talk show appearance, noting that she’s so over dating right now because it’s just too much of a hassle.“A lot of men are about games,” she said on The Jonathan Ross Show, according to the U. Actually, I’m not looking for men right now, I’m really happy with myself.



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