Updating black and decker ad925 dating mind games women play


6 cells in series at 3.7 is 22.2v The nicad pack when fully charged is 21.75v The lithium cells are protected with a small chipset under the negative end.As such they can be carefully soldered, but not tab welded.Then I built a pack of six 18650 sized lithium-ion 3.7v cells in series.The cells are held in two spring-loaded plastic 3-packs that are connected in series with one wire soldered between them [the red wire visible in the second picture].If a 3.7v lithium cell is charged above 4.2v and left that way, metallic lithium will plate out inside the cell and ruin it.I have 2 Black and Decker line trimmers that uses their 18v nicad "Single Source" HPB18 battery pack. The orange battery packs are the high capacity version, black is standard. After both hi-cap packs went bad I opened them both up and salvaged enough cells to build one and that one worked once and it died too. I bought a rebuilt line trimmer, hi-cap battery and charger for with a 2 year guarantee. There are lithium versions for sale but a single lithium pack is at least and the charger used is over . To get the higher capacity in the same size cell, the internal separators are thinner and prone to burn through.I managed to get 3 normal capacity battery packs and three chargers for e Bay for a good price, but there are large areas of my lawn that can be line trimmed much easier than mowing, so I needed more packs.


Two wires are soldered to the pack and then to the charge terminals inside the pack.

The screws holding the shell together are T-10 torx.

The spring-loaded packs eliminate the need to solder any cell and if a cell goes bad makes it very easy to replace the bad cell.

The lithium packs are stuck together with 2-sided tape and then shimmed with foam tape so that it doesn't rattle when the shell is reassembled.


That size is common on auto headlamp adjustments so you can buy the screwdriver at an auto parts store for cheap if you don't already have one.

Even with the protection circuit, the charger supplied for nicad use will quickly overcharge and destroy the lithium pack.



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    Now the lucky lady may have been unmasked as an exotic, high-flying, multilingual career-woman.

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    With a leash around her neck, she rides the Love Parade, checks out the wildest club in Europe and finds herself unshockable. When I reported on the swinging scene here in Ireland, the article was like a crack in a door through which many people got to peek at another world.

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    The couple’s recent date coincided with rumors that Hudgens turned to her ex-boyfriend, Zac Efron during an emotionally difficult time.

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    Inspired by Marcel Broodthaers 1964 sculpture Pense-Bte in which the artist took the unsold copies of one of his books of poetry and encased them in plaster creating an object that literally solidified poetry into a concrete form, Concrete Islands posits the question: where does language end and the world begin?

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    Either way, the other spouse may become confrontational, may become unwilling to compromise and obstinate during the proceedings, or, at best, may become cold and distrustful of the dating spouse.

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