Twin dating problems

Because I am so busy with the children, I can’t be a sounding board for either of them very often – I just don’t have the time – so it is a real support and comfort to me to know that they have each other.

They have the same passion and enthusiasm for what they do and can bounce ideas off each other.



With Rosie abroad, I have to take on her role and listen more intently to certain things, because Bernie is so used to having a teammate.Rosie and I are in the same business, and when I’m talking to her, I automatically think Bernie’s with me.It’s a very different experience for twins than for other siblings.They live life as a team, not as individuals; they feel as though they’ve always got a back-up.

She lived in Australia for nine years, but even then there was always a subconscious feeling of connection. We’d not speak for a few days and then both ring each other at exactly the same time or realise we’d both had a headache at the same time.

When I started going out with Bernie, Rosie was living in Australia and I had only met her a couple of times, but as Bernie and I had been friends for ten years, I knew the story.


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