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Furthermore, she told me that majority of Filipino people sort of hate Chinese people?So if I start a relationship with him, would I face a lot of prejudice from his family?


However, according to my Filipina friend, Filipinos tend to go after their own or go after whites in order to "marry up".

She told me that's how she was raised, and that unless the person she dated was Catholic, Filipino or Caucasian, there would be no way she would be allowed to date.

Is it usually looked down upon to be of a different race?

Sincerely, Love-stricken Chinese Girl Dear LCG, Hey, what can I say? ;-) And as regards the stereotypes you mentioned, I can hang with those -- no problem! You've written me this a while back and it's quite insensitive of me to have kept you waiting for an answer that must be quite important to you.

I find myself really attracted to this Filipino guy.I actually get along with him very well and I'm probably overthinking but...



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