Transsexual dating show

Carrera's newest public role may be her most personal yet.

At VH1's invitation, she and her husband Adrian Torres are appearing on the sixth season of reality show to work on repairing their fractured eight-year marriage, which they stated was challenged by infidelity on both their parts.

I figured I’m strong enough to deal with any ignorance if it does come up. I had to ask him if he was willing to speak about it — I feel like there are a lot of outspoken trans women and men, but their partners, not so much...

I wanted to make sure he was comfortable with telling the world that he’s with me and laying out our dirty laundry, so to speak.

When you have something good and you can’t share it, it sucks."I can tell you this much from my experience with men: [If you're trans] they will still want to have sex with you, but just not take you seriously after that... What I’ve noticed is that there are some men out there who know you are vulnerable, and they will take advantage of that.

Television personality, model, actress, wife, and trans woman: Carmen Carrera is juggling many roles, and she's doing it in the spotlight.

Carrera first captured national attention on VH1 reality show , and received some 50,000 signatures in support of her dream of becoming the first trans Victoria's Secret model.

Carrera opened up to us about why she decided to air her "dirty laundry," the pitfalls of dating as a trans woman, and her priorities for the future.



Many women have dealt with that at some point in their life, whether or not they're trans.

I identified as male before my transition, while I was trying to figure out who I was, and I dated other men, and I still had the same issue!


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