Top intimidating songs


In anticipation of her debut album, ' Wildflower,' we looked over each performance the Georgia girl gave us, from her first audition to her tearful rendition of ' Like My Mother Does' during the show's finale, and selected the Top 10 Lauren Alaina Songs From ' American Idol.' Most of Alaina's best moments came late in the competition.As much as any contestant, her performance seemed to depend on confidence.When she was feeling shaky, she would miss notes or appear lost onstage.But during those moments that she felt like the strongest woman on the planet, we got more than a glimpse of the talented singer she's destined to be.Classification: Inspirational Why It's Worthy: As you can tell, this is a song dedicated to Michael Phelps, and I wouldn't be surprised if he stopped training and just relied on this song to win races.I'm not sure I'll ever be satisfied with the list, but it is what it is.

If the ads navigated you to another page, then use the back button to navigate back to the exact page where the problem started and submit from there. Lauren Alaina quickly became a judge favorite and then a fan favorite with her songs during season 10 of ' American Idol.' There was only one week that Alaina seemed in danger of being sent home, although there were weeks she didn't do as great as she'd hoped.


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