Tbc speed dating

We look forward to meeting you and joining you on the special journey of finding love. Please get your name down today to reserve a place. Why not give our Speed dating event ago next Friday?

On reflection of the previous events im still considering whether to do a future event, at the moment very doubtful we will hold another event again, thankyou for everyones have got just a little over half an hour to go and we are almost set up!! Other guys attending possibly is a few guys in their early to mid 20's, all looking to meet the lady of their dreams. Friday 18th March at 7.30pm at The Suncastle Pub in Skegness.

Less than 24 hours to go until Skegness Speed Dating starts. Share share and nominate all your single male friends, encourage them to come out, let’s make this the best event yet. Don’t stay in feeling bored, come out with us and give Speed dating ago. Thank you for all your support in spreading our next Speed Dating event this coming Friday. If you would like to attend, please do get your names down to reserve you a place. Four days to go Until Skegness Speeding dating next event!!! Now Only £3 to entre Are you sick of staying in on a Friday a night out?

Financially I dont expect to make alot out off the event themself, normally i take little to covour the running cost of the event and the rest goes to st barnabas and other charities. remember we are up the spiral stairs Tonights the night!!

Our motivation is to offer a socialising platform for the people of skegness to have the opportunity to socialise, make new friends and possibly love. we are situated at The Suncastle Pub, North Parade, Skegness, PE25-2UB. Less than 3 hours to go until Skegness Speed dating night. Ladies bring along a guy and let's make this the best night out ever. Not to worry, we still have places available at pm, especially for the guys. The Suncastle Pub, North Parade, Skegness, PE25-2UB. Nominate/tag a friend to come along Ladies we are in for a treat tomorrow evening. To cater for ages, we are keen to offer a mixture of age groups. So we are please to annouce we have a young at heart Yorkshire 63 year old attending, Lovely and warmhearted, Sure to be a hit with the ladies.


I have come to the conclusion we should look towards social meeting events. The additional cost of petrol, balloons, helium, stationary costs and the generosity of the suncastle pub management by offering us the venue free of charge.

We would to say thank you to the small number that attended last nights event, we are a bit dissapointed by the lack of people that confirmed they was attending but yet never turned up, by rights they should have been around 15 people turn up but yet went back on there word.



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