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Aftermaths and Statistics from Galway, Ireland A Rails Girls workshop took place in Galway, Ireland, again, on June 20-21st 2014.We applied some changes this time and we are happy to share the results with the rest of the community. Last year we started with the basic app tutorial (the one for creating ideas) and then we let the attendees decide which other tutorial to continue with.Also, they mostly did not have any programming experience, as in Fig. We hosted 70 effective participants out of 97 applications which came from all over Ireland (some from Dublin and Limerick).

The second change consisted in splitting the Lightning Talks in 2 sessions at lunch time and in the middle of the afternoon.

However, the majority were either just leaving or only focusing on CSS improvements for the web page appearence.

This time then, we decided to give more structure to the tutorial and to present it as an actually useful application for the society.

Also, while in 2013 we tried to create pre-defined groups of participants balancing their knowledge background and preparation, we found very hard to move the attendees to their seat within their group, during the workshop.

We got 22 replies out of 70 attendees and we draw statistics on them in addition to statistics on the applicants’ background and age (Fig. 1, the majority of the applicants were between 20 and 40.In this age group women are probably more interested in learning and in evaluating their career options. 3 - Knowledge background of the Rails Girls Galway 2014 applicants with respect to programming Even in case of positive feedback, we asked what they would have improved. 4 and focused on 3 main points: the tutorial, the coach per participants ratio and the schedule. 4 - What the Rails Girls Galway 2014 participants would like to improve The amount of participants.


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    Scout Taylor-Compton began acting with a featured role in the A.

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