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In mitigation Lawson, who chose to represent himself using a pre written letter read out to the court, said: “Although I do not excuse my actions I had been struggling recently with the death of a close friend to which alcohol seemed to be an escape.”He added: “My decision to drink and drive was a very poor judgement.”Lawson told the court how he had recently been trying to get into university to study dentistry and had dreams of becoming a dental therapist.

He asked the panel of magistrates to spare him from a driving ban amid claims it would cause him problems in getting to classes and could result in him failing.

On duty police officers had witnessed Lawson “travelling at speed” in a Ford Focus along Stanford Road, West Bridgford, on February 14, a court heard.

He then pulled up to some garages and got out of the vehicle where he was chased by officers.


Lawson, who wore jeans and a black hooded jacket, pleaded guilty to driving while being over the alcohol limit in the late hours of Valentine’s Day.The high-street chain offers quirky items, almost all of which are developed in-house and among its ranges offers fashion, jewellery, furniture, homeware and gifts.When stopped and breathalysed Lawson was found to have 58 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 mililitres of breath when the limit is 35.David Miles for the prosecution also told the court how Lawson received a suspended sentence in 2010.


Instead he suggested that he could attend a drink driving rehabilitation course.

But, magistrates said they were “obliged to disqualify” him.



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