Speed dating lawyers

Then, with drinks in hand, each student picked a bar table and chatted up a hiring committee member for five minutes.If you've been in the throes of on-campus interviews, you're probably sick of the game by now.Though those sessions usually last no more than 20 or 25 minutes, they often feel like slow torture.(Fun fact: this firm went belly up.) But even if you get congenial interviewers, those 20 minute gigs can feel awfully long—particularly if you're doing multiple interviews.


So how about speeding up the process and cutting to the chase—fueled by a bit of alcohol?New York's Herrick Feinstein (a firm of about 140 lawyers with profits per partner of 0,000) is doing just that.One NYU 3-L told me he had 11 interviews in one day.And the situation isn't better for the interviewer who's basically imprisoned in a windowless room for hours, forced to be nice to a bunch of clueless law students.

Recently, it invited 50 students, setting them loose at a cocktail party.They mingled freely for 30 minutes with the firm's lawyers and each other.



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