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The question being asked over one-too-many pints is no longer “why you are single” but rather “what are you doing about it?”’ The dating playground has become a formidable force for those too shy or too busy to focus on their private life.Most of us would rather have walked over hot coals or lie on a bed of glass than admit to something which carried such social stigma.But in the last few years, there has been a discernable sea change.If the mounting hype is to be believed, everyone from Mr Right to Miss Right Now is just a mouse click away.A recent report from Nielsen, the internet research provider, reveals that one in three internet users have utilised the web as a way to meet a potential dating partner.

Worry not, our resident love expert Anna Millar finds there is a thriving dating scene out there Not so very long ago, the idea of one of your friends owning up to joining a dating agency would have been unimaginable.

And, while meeting through friends and in pubs and clubs still tops the list, the internet currently stands as the third most popular method for getting a date.

It seems most of us now know someone who’s doing it, done it or thinking about doing it, whether it be as a potential cyber suitor, through one of the growing number of dating companies, holidays for singles, the intriguingly named ‘dating in the dark’ or speed dating events.

With an estimated four million singletons currently roaming the UK, statistics published last year show that no less than two thirds of single people looking for love have signed up to dating agencies, with well over half of these being online.

Dating newbie, Rachel Sparks, a 27-year-old designer from Glasgow, says the trend has gone full circle: ‘I was sitting in the pub last week and of my four single friends, two have profiles on [dating website] and one has already met someone through the same site.

The other is going speed dating next month, as part of a work night out.



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