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Approaching Springkell from the West, park and walk in over the marble floored porch with the family crest in the stained glass windows.

Everything can be arranged for you, from accommodation to flowers and your dining requirements, click here to read what else we can do to make your day truly special.

“We are encouraging farmers and landowners to engage with dog walkers and to help by putting up signs up on gateways and on key roads and paths alerting them to the presence of sheep and other livestock in their fields”, added Inspector Donaldson.

“Police Scotland will robustly enforce the existing legislation, ensuring all reported cases of livestock being attacked by dogs are thoroughly investigated and offenders reported to the Procurator Fiscal,” added Inspector Donaldson.

Use the formal rooms, including the black and white marble entrance hall complete with 4 marble pillars, the Portrait Gallery which leads to the wedding room and music room.


The Scottish Outdoor Access Code says that dogs shouldn’t be taken into fields where there are lambs or other young farm animals." “The worrying of sheep and other livestock by domestic dogs not only has an obvious financial and emotional impact on farmers when their animals are killed or injured, but also has an effect on the animals themselves, their productivity and welfare.In addition there is a sweeping Italian stone staircase with balcony on which to frame some lovely wedding day photographs or if you prefer, in any one of the stunning formal rooms.Through Eaglesfield, 6 miles from Gretna Green, drive up one of Springkell’s five drives, through half a mile of parkland and woodland and over the Kirtle River.3.11.16 Around 2300 hours on Friday night, a 35 year old man was walking along Scott’s St, Annan, when he was struck on the head by a man who came at him from behind.


Springkell is fully licensed to host Civil, Religious, and Humanist wedding ceremonies, same sex Civil Partnerships ceremonies, and wedding blessings, both inside the house and in the gardens.

The theft took place between 1000 hours and 1030 hours today, Thursday 3rd November 2016, and we would like to hear from anyone who may have been in or around the Moffat area to get in touch if they saw or heard anything suspicious.


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