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Search results may include Name, Age, Photo, Physical Characteristics, Last Known Location Information, Offense, and Prior Conviction Information.: Data contains registered offenders from the territory of American Samoa.Search results may include Name, Date of Birth, Offense Date, and Offense Description.: Data contains individuals and entities currently sanctioned from participation in the Arizona Medicaid program.: Data contains individuals and entities that have been excluded from participating and/or providing services in the Medicaid program in Alabama.Data contains Name, Occupation, Suspension Date, and Suspension Agency.Date of Birth is not available for this source : Data contains individuals excluded from participation in Medicaid services by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.Search results may include Name, Provider Type, Exclusion Date, Exclusion Reason, and Exclusion Authority. : Data contains individuals who are currently listed as America's Most Wanted Fugitives.

: Data contains individuals registered as adult abuse offenders since January 2013.

The Adult Abuse Registry is maintained by the Arizona Adult Protective Services.


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