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He says in the past two decades, a small group of billionaires – including News Corporation's Rupert Murdoch, who once called public schools an "untapped 500-billion-dollar sector" – have worked to assert private control over public education to make money. You've got a lot of money on one side going in to create a privatized school system that becomes part of the new marketplace for hedge funds and Wall Street investors." The Independent Media Institute study found 40 percent of the nation's 67-hundred charter schools are part of corporate chains or franchises.

I've given all five of them a copy of the budget, which we gotta approve at the next meeting.

The next board meeting is the first Tuesday of December and the new board will take place then.”The old Twice Is Nice resale shop on State Street in Big Rapids is now history.


Presidential candidate Donald Trump, like the rest of America, is now awaiting the results of today's election.He held a final rally late Monday night in Grand Rapids, finally taking the stage at Devos Place at City Manager in September, posting the job opening online saying they are looking for someone with at least 7 years experience as a city manager or assistant city manager and are offering a 0,000 to 0,000 salary with benefits.According to David Prerau, author of "Seize the Daylight: The Curious and Contentious Story of Daylight Saving Time" the long tradition was first started by Benjamin Franklin as a way to conserve energy.The Montcalm County prosecutor’s office authorized felony charges on all three suspects including Breaking and Entering, Safe Breaking, Larceny in a Building, and Destruction of Property in excess of ,000.

Demolition crews began tearing the structure down on Thursday morning to make way for the new Mecosta County Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Executive Director Connie Koepke says they're happy construction is finally underway.


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