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Robert Gene Baker worked first as a page in the Senate, transferring phone calls and keeping track of vote counts, but grew his role so that he ended up being former President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s closest aide.The spy who loved me: President Kennedy allegedly had an affair with Ellen Rometsch (right), the wife of a West German army officer based in D. Bobby Kennedy feared she was a spy and would reveal their affair, so he had her deported Investigators: Hoover allegedly used the tape to blackmail Ford (right) who was a member of the Warren Commission investigating President Kennedy's death because Hoover wanted to know what they found out Baker knew Ellen Rometsch because she was the wife of a West German army officer stationed in Washington.



She began working as a hostess at the Quorum Club, a salon for male politicians that was organized by Baker.

He told of how Democratic California Senator Tommy Kuchel was having an affair with his secretary and asked Baker to have a page go ‘buy him some rubbers’, and how Senator Estes Kefauver from Tennessee would use his role organizing a hearing about high school delinquency to prey on the youngsters who testified.

Students and coaches with a junior varsity wrestling team at an Oklahoma high school have been suspended while police investigate what the school described as an 'extremely disturbing' victimization of a student.

Neither the school district nor police are releasing details of the investigation, but a source close to the investigation confirmed the allegations are that a 12-year-old boy was sexually assaulted by older students on the bus.

She was ‘as pretty as Elizabeth Taylor’ and the trappings of marriage did not stop her from making herself known to the President.

Rometsch was sent to America by the Communist leaders in East Berlin who hoped that she would befriend powerful politicians and report back.


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    The Family Love Alliance, a conservative Islamist advocacy organization, petitioned the Constitutional Court to broaden existing Indonesian law, which makes adultery illegal but does not ban sexual relations between unmarried people.

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    I had been to my sister's house, the Burke home, in Lenox Dale, Massachusetts for my nephew Jody's graduation from Lenox High.

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