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The play follows a young woman, “Sarah”, as she relives memories of first being victimized by a family member, of then being introduced into a sex ring, and of later learning to live a double life as the psychological trauma caught up with her.

In May of 2014, Yellow Rose Productions premiered as a one-night performance in downtown Knoxville.

We provide confidential services to residents of Knox County regardless of age, sex, income, race, disability or marital status.

Fees are based on income and family size, but no one will be denied services because of inability to pay.

The play is based on the actual experiences of a young woman from Knoxville who was brought into a sex trafficking ring by a family member at the age of five.

was written to shed light on a dark, but true, story about sex trafficking.

Tickets are .00 plus fees and are General Admission.

Tickets can be purchased through City of Refuge here: to City of Refuge in Atlanta with the help of Richmont Graduate University and Freedom Coalition.


Family Planning is a health care service that allows women to decide if, and when they want to become pregnant.

Family planning helps to preserve the health of the female reproductive system through careful sexual practices and by receiving regular physical examinations.

All East Tennessee Tenn Care plans are accepted for services as well as private insurance plans, and payment plan schedules are available for women who are not insured.

Proof of income is required at each visit to qualify for discounted services.

The audience response was overwhelming and Yellow Rose received requests to put on repeat performances in other locations around Tennessee.

Welcome to the Women's Health Clinic of the Knox County Health Department.


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