Scripture reading for dating couples

This rib seems to point to the fact that they would stand side by side and share part of their anatomy and nature with each other.

That doesn’t mean that the man is to stand in front of the woman.

This is not saying that women should not love their husbands and husbands should not respect their wives but we meet their greatest needs when husbands love their wives and the wife respects her husband.

The Hebrew word for cling or be united to is “dabaq” which means “to cling to, to stick to, and to stay close to” which fits nicely for the institution that marriage is designed to be and one in which is a God –ordained, God-created institution.

This is why divorce hurts both the man and the woman.

One is easier to overpower than two who There are some very interesting points in these passages.

For one thing, God performed surgery on Adam and took a rib out of his side to create the woman named Eve.

If you glue two pieces of paper together and then separate them, each is torn and part of the one remains with the other and by doing so, this leaves both pieces of paper compromised and much weaker than before, when they were both joined together.

Also he is to “leave and cleave” (some translations use the word “united to” or “cleave to or bonded to” like glue bonds two pieces of paper).The man is to be bonded to his wife and the two who were once separate now become one in essence.


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