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There were some suggestions that the American team’s programs were simply more appealing than the Canadian’s — and it was Zoueva who choreographed both.The disenchantment began to build for Virtue and Scott as the Olympic approached.“We had some odd things happen this year that haven’t happened before, we expected that Marina would march with us (in the opening ceremony) and be with our team like she was in Vancouver,” said Moir.“It was a tough pill to swallow and also not being at our national championships for the first time in our whole career was odd.They’re one of the world’s top ice-dance teams, but they also became experts at tap dancing around the question of their coach.As the losses to American arch-rivals Meryl Davis and Charlie White began to build this season, Canadian skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir started questioning whether they had the right coach in Marina Zoueva, and whether the coach was favouring her other high-profile team: Davis and White.“This wasn’t a failure; this was a successful Games for us.But as Tessa said, we’re mature enough to handle that.” At the end of the day, Virtue and Moir said they don’t want to sound like they’re blaming Zoueva for their loss here in Sochi.


I think Marina listened to us and we kind of reshaped some of our program.But she’s an artist as well, so she wanted to stay true to her vision.


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    This is an open meeting, as coaches and parents are invited to attend to discuss the season and ways to improve the club going forward.

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