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They even dragged poor Joey into the mix and had a totally unnecessary Rachel/Joey “love story” thrown in.Despite the shaky last few seasons, the two-part finale did manage to wrap things up pretty nicely for our six favorite friends. After 10 years of clearly being in love with each other with some “breaks” and other love interests thrown in the mix, it was glaringly obvious to fans that no one was going make either of them happy except each other.Like most series that run too long, Friends went at least two years past its expiration date.However, it was the centerpiece of NBC's Thursday night “Must See TV,” so it stayed all the way through 10 seasons.The Ross and Rachel will they/won’t they storyline was dragged out so much that it stopped being charming and just became annoying.You’d think that once they had a kid together, the whole thing was settled, but nope — producers refused to let them be happy.


However, much like A League of Their Own, no matter how many times I watch it and knowing how it all turns out, I can’t help but roll my eyes at the ending. Had they not ended up together, it could have been worse than the abysmal How I Met Your Mother finale.

The main issue here, though, is that their relationship keeps Rachel from pursuing a dream job opportunity in Paris.



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