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On any given night, over a dozen languages are represented, from French to Portuguese to Farsi to Mandarin, with all skill levels welcome.Practice a language This is a good one for shy types, because you are literally forced to speak to other people.Every Wednesday, Torontonians of all native tongues get together for the Toronto Babel meetup at the Rivoli to shoot the breeze (and maybe some pool).Fortunately, Toronto is a huge city, with lots of rec leagues to join, skills to learn, cultural events to check out, and people to meet. Here are my picks for the top 20 ways to meet new people in Toronto.Take a fun class Nothing like sparks a conversation like a bemused look that says "are we really learning to do parkour / throw a battle-axe / ride a unicycle right now? For a whole list of ideas, check out our summer-specific and year-round lists of new wacky skills you can learn. Think about the strangest way you ever met a friend or an old flame: Jury duty? But sometimes, your social life needs a little bit of a jump-start. As we flow around Toronto, from home to work to school, there's no predicting how the fates will carelessly mush us, their helpless playthings, together over the course of a day. (Ah, shy glances on the TTC.) Of course, by and large, we meet the people in our lives through pretty pedestrian channels: Classes, work, mutual friends.


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