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They can (i) incentivize the transition through pricing and fiscal policies; (ii) mandate the transition through regulations, standards or codes; and (iii) enable the transition, through government investment, including in information and education.Table 1 shows that these types of policy instruments can be applied to stimulate broad action across the whole economy and in specific sectors.Mandate types can also be compared for strength and effectiveness (in terms of the annual volume, proportion and timing of deposits, relative to total annual article output, as well as the time that access to the deposit is set as open access.However, mandates can take the form of administrative procedures, such as designating repository deposit as the official means of submitting publications for institutional research performance review, or for research grant applications or renewal.Large-scale green transformation requires a combination of economy-wide and sector-targeted green growth policies that induce structural and behavioral change among consumers, producers and investors.To be effective, policies must address market failures, recognize the political economy context and consider dynamic interactions with other policies.


The basic policy toolkit for doing so is neither new nor exclusive to green growth (see Table 1).Policy makers have three main levers to foster a transition to green growth.



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