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–I HAVE HAD MULTIPLE LONG TERM SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH AS MANY AS 10 WOMEN AT ONCE WITHOUT HIDING MY INTENTIONS OR LYING TO ANY ONE OF THEM. BUT in-between committed relationships, I am looking. Although considered “hot” by most women, once they met me I blew them away. I was married by 22, but had a miserable marriage and was divorced by times a week in bars and clubs. BY 43 1/2 I had learned how to get 2 dates a day with personal ads. This culminated in me meeting the best sexual partner I had ever had (and I had had quite a few) which resulted in a 7 year relationship, but by 50 this was over too (not because of the sex- it was hot even after we broke up) but…

On the pages of this website you will have access to free information on how to attract women, flirt with women, pick up women, talk to women, seduce women, relate to women and/or make a woman into a girlfriend or wife.….

4) NOT USING SUBTLETIES ENOUGH (What a woman understands). (Continued) 700 dates Approach Women articles attract women bars and clubs Bios book excerpts books for men books for women Date Women Dating dating advice for women dating to relating feet flirt Flirt With Women for men for women get a girlfriend how to meet women how to pick up women meet women mr.

I am not currently married (though I have had about 4 proposals and 4 girls who would marry me in an instant if I asked)because I won’t settle for anything less than a beautiful, classy, intelligent and emotionally mature woman, that has a great family and friends, knows what she wants to do with her life exactly, and has many many things in common with me. Girls would approach me on the beach and tell me I was the hottest guy on the beach…one girl even stopped the elevator mid-floor and told me I wasn’t getting off until I kissed her…. SOMEHOW, I managed to get married by 22, to my first girlfriend (She was NUTS too), and had a terrible marriage, and got divorced When I was of those days by “one nighters” that I liked.

Well I don’t kiss and tell, but I have dated and had sexual relationships with women like the following: a woman who was on the cover of “Playboy”; a “hot” actress whom you have probably seen on TV or in the movies; and a woman that was voted “The most beautiful woman in the world” in a national poll. If I want, I can close about 90% of the qualified women I meet for long term sexual relationship or marriage. Girls stopped their cars and tried to pick me up, girls whistled at me.

And I had all of these relationships with these 20 and 30 something year old women recently while I was in my fifties. Once married, I am a good honest man that knows how to treat a woman, emotionally and sexually. Younger girls who knew me in school, upon turning 18 usually, would confess that they had a crush on me all their lives.


–I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY MET WOMEN (AND DEVELOPED RELATIONSHIPS WITH THEM) IN BARS IN CLUBS NATURALLY –ON THE STREET, IN THE STORE, AT MALLS, ETC. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, I’d just like to help a few guys out by giving them CORRECT information on women.) WHAT MAKES ME QUALIFIED TO BE AN EXPERT ON DATING AND RELATING? and though at 20 I couldn’t even get a girlfriend, I currently have 6 long term (2-5 years) sexual/romantic relationships going with younger women (Ages 22, 26, 27, 30, and 40.) NO I AM NOT A PLAYER.AT WORK ON LINE THROUGH NEWSPAPER and VOICE MAIL ADVERTISING THROUGH FRIENDS — I HAVE GONE ON OVER 700 DATES WITH DIFFERENT WOMEN IN ONE YEAR. I was married 12 years and never cheated on my wife. 3) FOCUSING TOO MUCH ON PHYSICAL – either overtly or by innuendo. (A relationship is ALL about FUTURE.) The first mistake that most guys make is that they go on the first date and talk all about themselves, sort of strut around telling the girl that he’s got this car, and he’s got this job and he talks and talks and talks, bragging about this and that, trying to impress the girl that he is a good catch….–I HAVE MET AND MAINTAINED RELATIONSHIPS WITH A BROAD VARIETY OF DIFFERENT WOMEN.

–I HAVE MANIPULATED THE MANIPULATORS (YOU KNOW, P**** TEASERS) WHO WERE OUT TO USE ME. Most of these relationship I had maintained for years.

(YES, OF COURSE, I GOT SEX, BUT IT WASN’T VERY GOOD) –I HAVE GONE TO STRIP CLUBS AND HAD THE STRIPPERS ASK ME OUT! –I HAVE HAD SEVERAL WOMEN ASK ME TO FATHER THEIR CHILD–NO STRINGS ATTACHED — And LET’S TALK ABOUT QUALITY. Most of the relationships I had developed bewteen 50 and 52 have been maintained for years, others 2 or 3 or 4 years.) NOW at 54, I feel complete in my knowledge, I can meet women anywhere: in a club, on the Internet, in personal ads, through friends, at work, and on the street.


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