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His father Seán, a courteous, likeable man from Bandon, Co Cork, believed to have worked two jobs to fund his son’s college education, was his stalwart throughout the trial.

As the author states in his preface, information on the internal workings of the clocks has been left to the horological community.

The value of this book as a reference lies in its picturing and identification of so many models, making it the most comprehensive work of its kind.

The projected second volume, on wall, mantel, and miscellaneous clocks of the same period, was never published.

The book includes over 1600 black and white photographs and illustrations, referencing 2500 clocks and related weather stations, switches, and timers, plus a short section on condition and other factors affecting value, as well as a list of manufacturers and a brief bibliography.

The most remarkable feature about Graham Dwyer in the waiting hours and throughout the trial was a staggeringly unshakable air of confidence.

He was polite to his prison escorts, even chatty, and overheard at one stage predicting he would be dining on steak and wine on Saturday.

Information on each model includes the brand name, model year, model name, designer (if known), movement type, cabinet material, variations, and dimensions.


This book, the first of two volumes, focuses on the smaller examples; desk, shelf, and decorative clocks.

Large format (8.5" x 11"), 256 pages, identification and value guide. This book by Mark Stein, author and publisher of the well-known Radiomania radio reference books, covers both mechanical and electric clocks from the Modern period of 20th century American industrial design, between the 1920s and the 1960s.


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