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Gundersen also pointed out that human lungs are heavily affected by internal exposures to radiation.

“At this visit, I wore a radiation proof mask that can filter out 99.98% of radiation for six hours.

Gundersen said while explaining why it was such as sad shock to witness the girls on their bicycles. I had thought that we would not find such high doses of radiation in the decontaminated area. Gundersen collected samples of dust [though] the official data cannot be released before the publication of formal scientific papers, it is evident that high doses of radiation, usually found in nuclear waste, was detected from these samples.

“This means that highly radioactive dust is flying around the city.

I sent my filter to the lab, and they found a high dose of Cesium.

But, unfortunately, the Japanese government only cares about the number on a Geiger counter and does not consider the internal exposure.

In other words, the decontaminated land is contaminated again.



The Japanese government’s standard of 20 m Sv is based on exposure assessments for adult men.

The girls on their bicycles are actually being affected by a radiation dose equivalent to as much as 400 m Sv.” Mr.


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