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    1977 was also the year when the issue of homosexuality exploded into the public consciousness of Americans.

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    " The answer to that is yes, Lenny.''When I throw on a few pounds, I get it on my arms and my stomach. It’s so weird, but that’s the way the women in my family gain weight.

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    window.sbbop Loaded){ var sbbop_modal = create Modal(modal); if (sbbop_modal !

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    - Thomas Twining (31) began selling tea from premises on the Strand in London (had acquired Tom's Coffee House); one of the first companies to introduce tea drinking to the public; sold more dry tea than wet tea; Twinings Gunpowder Green Tea was expensive, sold for today's equivalent of more than 160 ponds for 100 grams; learned tea trade from Thomas D'Aeth, an East India Company merchant; - Richard Twining, grandson, persuaded William Pitt the Younger to pass the Commutation Act, reduced taxes on tea 119% to 12.5%, effectively ended tea smuggling trade, made it more widely available to public- retained imports of tea came to 4,962,000 lbs vs. in 1785 as smuggled tea was imported openly; - eventually permitted to take part in all three branches of trade (grower, storekeeper, shipper); founded new company Juan Haurie y Sobrinos (Juan Haurie and Nephews, with five nephews; included wine business, several farms, shops; principal interest remained in wine, steadily acquired new vineyards); - died, capital remained in business, kept undivided as central trust fund for benefit of five nephews equally); one nephew was Pierre de Domecq Loustau Lembeye, son of Haurie's sister Dona Maria; Catherine Lembeye (sister) had married Jean Domecq; - their son, Pierre Domecq Lembeye, enterprising young French aristocrat, member of British firm Ruskin, Telford & Domecq (1809-1864, importer of sherry to England, exclusive agent of grand uncle, Juan Haurie y Sobrinos) arrived in Andalusia with mission to represent Ireland in prestigious house in London wine trade; - Jose Ignacio Domecq (patriarch of last Domecq in the cellar, internationally recognized by experts as "The Nose" due to his special gift for tasting, rating wines) initiated distribution of brandies Domecq in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil; - acquired by Alfred Brooks, renamed Justerini & Brooks, wine merchants and blenders; one of first London spirits merchants to buy stocks of mature malt whisky, create its own blend, named Club; June - Hans Christopher Christiansen installed first municipal water pumping plant in America at Bethlehem, PA; city supplied from a 70 foot high tank that was filled with water pumped from a spring through wooden pipes. Smith Guaranteed Solely the Famous Highland Malt Whiskey Produced at the Glenlivet Distillery & Bottled in Scotland" trademark in U. first used June 27, 1907 (pure malt scotch whiskey); number one single malt whiskey in U. - sons moved the business to London warehouse just north of City on Wormwood Street (Shepherdess Walk); first to sell tea in pre-packed, pre-weighed, sealed in packets (vs.

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