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Comedian Jon Lovitz and 31-years-his-junior actress Jessica Lowndes have revealed they’re dating, but the Internet isn’t buying it.

After a few days of teasing their relationship on the former “90210” star’s Instagram and Snapchat accounts, the couple made the news official on social media Sunday.

She has 6 kids and an extravagant lifestyle to support.” Although their gal-pal breakup was one of the nastiest in Bravo history, Ne Ne Leakes and Kim have seemingly reconciled.

Lowndes had been teasing “a BIG secret” on both Instagram and Snapchat since Thursday.

In one particularly provocative post, an older man’s hand can be seen between what one has to assume are her legs. #smitten #hatersgonnahate,” she wrote alongside the image before listing her Snapchat username.

Neither former “Hawaii Five-0” guest star’s reps — perhaps it is on the set of the February 2015 episode “Kuka’awale” that they met — responded to a request for comment. because of Kim’s refusal to participate in cast trips and events.In another image, posted on Friday, Lowndes can be seen wearing the same outfit — thick black glasses, navy sweater vest and blue-and-white-striped button-down — she’s wearing in the picture that Lovitz posted on Sunday.So is the couple’s love for real or just a publicity stunt for two Hollywood residents well past their prime?

In the morning, Lowdnes, 27, posted a video of herself lying in bed with a full face of makeup and little else.

While rolling around in the wrinkled sheets, she playfully points at the cameraman, who, in 58-year-old Lovitz’s trademark adenoidal whine, jokes, “What, I’m not videoing.” (An Ayn Rand book can be seen on the nightstand, though it is unclear what book it is.) This post was followed shortly after by the first actual image of the two together, which was posted to the comedian’s Twitter account. [three separate heart emojis],” Lovitz wrote as a caption to the selfie of the two of them riding around town in his Bentley.



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