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Moss might get lucky and Champ Bailey doesn't play, but it's not a given and we won't know til later as that's an afternoon game. But they will still blitz -- Palmer does not read defenses like Manning -- so I think Housh and Henry (and Chris Perry) have decent stats.Pl A says to start Roy (Minn) and Kennison (Den) over Chad (at Pitts). Kennison is the logical play given Den's passing D -- but Champ is healthy and playing better each week.Who should I start: Mc Gahee or Gado to go along with Alexander. Man, u my be in trouble -- his matchups with Alexander (SF), Brown (Hou) Driver (Det), Mc Nair (Hou) and even Smith (Balt -- no Reed or Mc Callister) are ideal.Pick three: Harrison, Burress, Housh, Bruce, Mc Cardell, or Robinson. Good for you that Jordan and Dillion have really good matchups too.



PLA says to play Burress, Housh, and Bruce but I don't think I can bench Harrison despite terrible matchup. Yes, Foster (tough match though against TB), over Arrington (the Cards NEVER run, and shipp is back) You can't trust Carr can you?Must be Brunell (at Az) and Bledsoe (at home against KC) -- though Drew has been awful the last 5 weeks.



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