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She spent tons of time diving deep into my book, my brand, and my concept, and totally captured what I wanted to say. I have never seen or met a copywriter who dedicates him/herself to his/her work like Elin.

She’s incredibly talented, and on top of that, she’s a joy to work with. We had done the research together and also brainstormed all the ideas..Elin never stops surprising me. The writing process of the VSL developed a real friendship and working partnership, and this is something that's harder and harder to find these days.

Are you amazed by the idea of meeting women from across the globe for dating?

NOTE: website and VSL design sophistication vary depending on client’s willingness to invest in production.

“Elin is awesome and I’m so grateful that I found her! We have traveled a long way to get to this point (a 9-10% converting VSL).

Elin is indeed the Goddess of Copywriting and a true friend.

So I suggest jumping on board and don't blink cause..snooze, you lose!


Elin’s work is a good start in an area that we need layers of depth.She is one of the people that we need to clone as we could use an entire department of her talent.Her techniques are truly amazing and she definitely is a master of her craft.I myself know a thing or two about copywriting and there couldn't be a more accurate outcome.


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    Our technology is designed with one goal in mind – to help you find true love and long term commitment.

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    Most of the kids at the party were ages 2-3, so it seemed silly to organize a bunch of games.

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    When asked, he admitted that this was, in fact, he. I had no idea who this guy was or where he lived, but his words seduced me.

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