Geek dating flow chart

But they can also be the perfect way to infuse a little personality into your wedding to give your guests the heads-up that this event isn't going to be your typical wedding.

That's why I'm all about these nerdy Save the Dates, the perfect way to say "this event is going to be nerdier than a pair of XKCD ten-sided die." Seriously, we've got save-the-dates for book worms, sci-fi nerds, gamer geeks, comic book nerds, etc. Control + Save the date with these computer key board Save the Dates from a master of nerdy wedding invites Dynamic Weddings. (From Tribe member only1genevieve.) Okay, so these are invitations, but I'm including them anyway.

What nerd doesn't appreciate a good flowchart? This was just one of the four different STDs that Tribe member Jordan Bell and her husband created.

Like many of the infographics I’ve posted lately, it’s missing a URL at the bottom for readers to find the original post, a copyright statement and listing the designer! Also found on Infographic Journal, Daily Infographic. I don't think this can differentiate geek vs nerds as much as it would identify hipsters.

This shows 65% of video game designers identify themselves as geeks, yet I don't think this can be easily accomplished with Macs...

Plus the little heart-shaped controller buttons make me happy.


Dan Martell posted this EXCELLENT graphical flowchart called “The Evolution of the Geek” over on Flowtown. Would there be a meta chart where different nerds were obsessing over the accuracy of the flow structure? Follow this link to see a larger version over on Flowtown’s site. Save the Dates are weird — they're often looked at as an unnecessary, silly, extra expense and they have the WORST acronym of the wedding world.


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