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a.parent Type===11}function K(){return! Data on drug users (still mainly inhalers; only approximately 0.1% are injecting drug users) is limited but large numbers of them are regularly in and out of prisons.Evidence suggests that in low prevalence settings, the focus of HIV prevention programs should be the MARPs.State of the Epidemic UNAIDS estimated that about 3,000 Sri Lankans were living with HIV as at end of 2009. As of December 2011, there were 1463 reported HIV cases in the country out of which 253 have died.Sixty percent of reported HIV cases are males, and more than half are from Colombo.



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Underreporting of cases is mainly due to low knowledge about how HIV is spread and barriers to seeking services due to stigma and discrimination.

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Sri Lanka continues to have very low HIV prevalence.

Data on HIV prevalence amongst most-at-risk (MARPs) populations in Sri Lanka is limited, with the exception of female sex workers (FSWs). However, data collected in the first Behavioral Surveillance Survey (BSS) of October 2006 through March 2007 and thereafter the Social Mapping of four districts for FSWs and Men having sex with men (MSM) populations indicate relatively high levels of risk behavior and high numbers of the MARPs (FSWs approximately 35,000 to 47,000 and MSMs approximately 24,000 to 37,000) in the country.


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