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Influential women in music include Donna Summer (numerous wigs and looks, but always glam and fashionable), Cher, Debbie Harry (bleached blonde with a fringe), Barbra Streisand and Siouxsie Sioux (spiked black hair), among many others.

Hairdressers created a few styles during the decade that were copied by many and some can still be seen today, albeit with modern twists.

The shag, as seen on Jane Fonda in , is credited to one-time hairdresser Paul Mc Gregor.

British hairdresser Trevor Sorbie created the wedge in 1974, a short, layered and angular style, and Jheri Redding created the Jheri curl, a loose glossy hairstyle worn predominantly by African Americans.

This looking to the past can be seen in fashion, TV shows and films, and music.

There was an art deco revival in the first half of the decade, with hair and makeup taking a lead from the ’20s and ’30s in particular.

Farrah Fawcett-Majors was one massive influence on mid-1970s hair.Ah, the lovely Farrah hit our screens in 1976 courtesy of Nostalgia was big in the ’70s, leading to a whimsical look back to various periods, especially the 1920s through to 1950s.


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    Carbon dioxide is distributed on a worldwide basis into various atmospheric, biospheric, and hydrospheric reservoirs on a time scale much shorter than its half-life.

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    The 29-year-old told The Sunday Times Style magazine: “It was fine. Some of my gay friends can’t touch a bra, but I was never like that, I wasn’t repulsed. It felt there was an effort, like, ‘Oh, maybe I’ll touch her hair now.’ It felt like acting.” Asked about his showbiz friendship with One Direction singer Harry Styles, Grimshaw said: “I just kept running into him and interviewing him, then we met properly at a GQ dinner two years ago. He’s really funny and he’s very easy to hang out with, and I think that’s why everyone likes him.” When asked if the 19-year-old was the “sort of person” he could have a relationship with, Grimshaw replied: “I don’t know.

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    In December 2001, EMAP decided that it was more economical for the Magic network to share off-peak programmes and in line with the other Magic AM stations began networking between 10am-2pm, 7pm-10am, and then 2am-6am (because of Pete Price's phone-in, which switched stations in January 2006).

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    Yet, to date, there has been a minimal response by sociologists to seek, describe and understand this influence.

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