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With this service one can keep their loved ones informed when user is in meeting,driving,roamingor busy for particular duration and can not take calls. User will also get SMS alerts for all calls on mobile when anyone tries calling.An SMS will alert user of those trying to reach can decide when to call back. Make your mobile the most happening entertainment destination with Airtel Live.Rs 10 for 10 days & Rs 5 for 5 days with Rs1 each match day • Customer will be charged for My Tunes Subscription of Rs15/15days and Re1 each match day.

Choose from our range of services, to do more with Airtel To know what services are available in your city please select your location. (4) Visit cm.Or download the App by sending CM to 52323.• In case the customer is not subscribed for My Tunes , Default AR rehman tune will play • No charges will be levied to customer if he choose My Tunes category as well.• IVR number for Cricket My Tunes 5434555 1) Song download will be charged only Rs 5/song 2) Subscriber will be charged monthly rental of Rs.30/ 2nd to 9th Nov All Customers through M-Search mode will be charged Rs 5 /song instead of Rs 15/song This offer is only available on M-search. How to avail the service- WAP : : *322*600# SMS : Send MOCK to 5432105 Subscription price point: Rs99- 12 mock tests (valid for 30 days) Fallback price: Rs49_5 mock tests (valid for 30 days) Rs 30_3 mock tests (valid for 15 days) Rs 12_1 mock tests (valid for 7 days) Brief details about the VAS product The Exam prep Mock Test helps users to practice learn and prepare for the entrance exams by taking mock tests by the ease of their mobile phone Pricing : Subscription price point: Rs99_12 mock tests (valid for 30 days) Rs 49_5 mock tests (valid for 30 days) Rs 30_3 mock tests (valid for 15 days) Rs 12_1 mock tests (valid for 7 days) The product aims at helping individuals to make new friends amongst all the airtel users across India that too without disclosing their mobile number/identity.The products allows a register user to have a anonymous live voice chat with other like minded people on service.

Download latest ringtones, true tones, games, wallpapers and many more goodies.

You can also get download full songs on your phone On Blackout days, all person to person SMS will be charged as per your plan.


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