Fast times at ridgemont high dating rules

Kids mill around the parking lot or stand by the mall entrance. RIDGEMONT CENTER MALL There are three levels of stores underneath a massive fluorescent roof. It looks seventies-modern, but already used and run-down. WAITRESS #2 I think I'll drop over and change the shakers. She puts down a glass of water for Ron, spills some and mops it up.

Groups of kids cruise the mall, eyeing each other and acting cool. SWENSON'S ICE-CREAM PARLOR - NIGHT The teenage waitresses in their peppermint pattie uniforms are rushing around, trying to keep up with their orders. WAITRESS #1 He's too old for Stacy, she hasn't even started high school yet.

She fluffs up Stacy's hair and gently shoves her towards the door.

LINDA Come on, Stacy, it's your section and your man. LINDA Just take his order, look him in the eye and if he says anything remotely funny, laugh a lot.

RIDGEMONT MALL - OUTSIDE SWENSON'S - NIGHT A teenage boy stands in front of an in-mall theatre across from Swenson's. He is Mark "The Rat" Ratner, a ticket taker on the job.

JUNIOR HIGH KID #1 You the guy with the Van Halen tickets? JUNIOR HIGH KID #2 What do you want for something in the first ten rows? JUNIOR HIGH KID #1 Those tickets were only twelve fifty! JUNIOR HIGH KID #2 (to friend) All the other scalpers are sold out, Arnold.

He wears a plastic name tag that says: "Pacific Stereo Audio Consultant, RON JOHNSON." Two Swenson's Waitresses pass by with supreme indifference, and take their orders into the back kitchen. SWENSON'S BACK KITCHEN WAITRESS #1 I think he looks like Richard Gere. One of them, Linda Barrett, is the seventeen year old, retired sex queen of Ridgemont High.

JUNIOR HIGH KID #1 Are you sure you can't go any lower.

Damone reaches inside his pants pocket for a wad of tickets.

RIDGEMONT CENTER MALL - NIGHT From the outside parking lot it looks like an enormous beached whale.

It is the prime hangout for all the teenagers in the area. She is the fifteen-year-old trainee, sweet-looking with just the last traces of baby fat. - NIGHT At the other end of the mall is a neon-lit Carl's Jr. If Swenson's was the warm up, this is the main attraction of the Ridgemont Mall.


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