Facts of online dating


In fact, Tinder India’s latest (slightly surreal) ad suggests that swiping right will help you find the man of your, and your mother’s, dreams.“Ew, mom, stop trying to help me meet strangers through Tinder!Nobody wants to be with a guy who enjoys ‘children’s hearts for dinner’.“I also enjoy long walks on the beach” Using eyeball-tracking technology, researchers were able to conclude that men spend less time reading the dating profiles of women, but compensated that by spending 65% more time looking at photos of these women instead. One study concluded that women who don’t drink get 24% fewer messages than women who do.


Why can’t you just find me a nice arranged marriage on like other moms?” Of course it’s a little more complicated than that.



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    Please, make sure that your events are properly attached.

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    Tip: Have you wanted to talk with engaging women that possess common principles and wants?

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