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We are happy to accept registrations from candidates throughout Serbia, subject to some minimum entry requirements.

*Please note that ILEC will no longer be on offer after 2016.

Gizzle"), is an American rapper and hip hop recording artist from New Orleans, Louisiana. resigned from Cash Money Records, & created his own label, Chopper City Records. signed to Birdman and Slim's label Cash Money Records.

to his labelmate Lil Wayne and they formed a group called The B. They released True Story which was locally successful. It is considered a southern classic and his most consistent lyrical album. He is no longer affiliated with the record company with which he was practically synonymous in the 1990s (this is his second record for Koch Records).

Column E (Registration) The time period when you can apply to take this exam.

He began his music career signing to Cash Money Records in 1993, with Lil Wayne (then known as Baby D.) as half of the duo The B. Both, along with rappers Juvenile & Turk, collectively formed the group, the Hot Boys in 1997. Dorsey was born on September 3, 1980 in Uptown's 13th Ward, on Valence & Magnolia Street.

was named Lil' Doogie and Lil Wayne went by Baby D. The Oxford English Dictionary added "bling bling" in 2003. In 2004 Life After Cash Money On Life after Cash Money, B. shows easy vocals gliding over magnificent Dirty South beats. released his eighth album The Heart of tha Streetz, Vol.

Column C (Speaking Window) The speaking part of your exam will be organised within this time frame.

We are committed to making your experience of taking a Cambridge English exam with us as simple as possible.

On this page you can find examination dates, fees, and the registration period for upcoming Cambridge English examinations.



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