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We can do our best to seduce a woman or we can help her to seduce us. It really makes no difference which strategy we use as long as it is successful.In some situations active, persistent attack works best; in others, we might have to sit back and enjoy the ride.I’d like to take you there.” “I know a bar in my neighborhood where a ninety-year old jazz pianist plays evergreens every Friday night.Understanding the difference between them means understanding the core principle of seduction.And if you understand the principles, you can improvise new techniques. Dimitri Vorontzov – Dark Courtship Preparing a Date Explore your neighborhood and find all the bars and coffee shops and diners that you feel are cozy, unique and interesting enough to invite a woman to.


Of course you will find it easier to help a woman seduce you.

In the courtship process this strategy should be used as much as possible.


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