Define polyamorous dating

So, instead of keeping innumerable wives/husbands, they resorted to monogamy.Polygamy still existed, but was rare enough for it to be called an exception.Poly relationships * Polyamorous dating * Non-Monogamy * Swinger * Polyamorist * think that monogamy is too difficult * Loving more than one person at a time * Are you a believer in or do you agree with these types of relationships? Sign up FREE today and make a great connection on!

Having established that life doesn’t speak to you in binary, that it isn’t 0 if it isn’t 1, In the course of studying primitive societies, we see the gradual evolution of relationships from polygamy to monogamy for purely economic reasons.As resources began to deplete, and became scarce in the face of ruthless competition, the bread-earners gradually realized that a big family will cause all the members to perish.


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