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On April 15, 2010, CEO Jason Rosenthal announced changes at Ning.

The free service would be suspended and of the current 167 employees, only 98 would remain.

Email notifications to ning network customers proclaimed that free networks would expire totally at midnight UTC− on Friday August 20, 2010 unless the customer decided to choose a paid plan.

The reasons cited for removing pornographic networks from the platform were that they did not cover the costs of providing them and that they created a disproportionate amount of DMCA takedown notices for copyright infringing material.

On May 4, 2010, Ning announced that they would be phasing out free networks.

In late September 2006, Ning narrowed its focus to offering a group website, a photos website, and a videos website for people to copy and use for any purpose.

These three templates were later superseded by a single customizable application aimed at enabling anyone to easily create their own social network.


Ning was initially funded internally by Bianchini, Andreessen and angel investors.

In July 2007, Ning raised US million in venture capital, led by Legg Mason.


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