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The first most obvious application of Anomo certainly revolves around dating.

But Liu notes that the application goes much further, potentially helping business professionals connect at conferences or students to find study partners.

Anomo is a new Seattle mobile startup that’s looking to solve an age-old dilemma: How do you find that special someone?

The company, which recently landed a 5,000 seed round from founder Lee Zehrer; Pirq CEO James Sun and Microsoft vice president Amit Mital, has a unique approach to matchmaking.

As the company notes in its tagline, Anomo is a place where “first impressions are based on more than a photo.” Sounds ambitious, huh?

And, of course, transforming the way people have picked a mate for decades (largely by checking out how they look) is no easy task. And founder Benjamin Liu, a former Microsoftie who previously founded Inter Active Sports Media and software consulting shop Vinasource, thinks he can pull off this ambitious feat.

For example, at a “Startup Conference,” startups can find people tagged as angel investors and VCs, while investors can look at the tags of entrepreneurs and their ideas.

Over time, as you connect with people in the network, users can reveal more of themselves, perhaps hobbies or a profession.


He uses this example to illustrate his point: Attendees at a conference check in to the hotel the conference is held at, look at the tags of the avatars around them, and make new business connections.They chat with people with tags that interest them, and set up meetings if they find a connection.It forces everyone to first interact via an anonymous self-created avatar, known in this case as an Anomo.This allows people to connect with one another through more substantive means, learning about common interests and even playing interactive games together.


Working on Anomo for the past year, Liu tells Geek Wire that the mobile Everyone starts by creating an anonymous avatar, which they control.

Individuals can “check in” to various physical locations, say the local gym or coffee shop, and see if other Anomos are present.


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