Dating kept woman sex dating in walters louisiana

And so it came to be that Linny joined our gaggle again for a drink last night.“I’m surprised you’re thinking about selling sex because of all the millions of things you’re incredibly good at, sex is really not one of them.” “I know, and I’ve got worse since we dated,” said Linny. But these of course are the reasons why I could make men feel athletic and very good looking even if they were in a coma beside me.” “So your target market is unattractive sexual duds? ” “Well you could start with me.” “I don’t want to sleep with you,” Linny squeaked, remembering the last time the two of them had sex was like performing contemporary dance while drunk.

While men may communicate with one another via references to their own successes, women do so with stories of their own imperfections; farting at a dinner with the in-laws, investing in BETA video in the eighties, attending a work function with the back of your dress accidentally tucked into your undies. ” “I guess I do, but unless you value you’re sexual performance at .50 I suggest you aim a little higher.” Linny is single.

By your mid forties a woman might consider it fair to imagine she knows pretty much everything about her gal pals. When she got divorced her husband sued her for alimony.

The massage lasted 45 seconds before Colin announced it felt like Linny was ‘washing clothes on some rocks on the riverbank.’ “Maybe you should abandon the sexual side of your idea,” said Colin, “and just focus on providing intelligent conversation for blokes who don’t want to be with a nubile young woman and yearn instead for someone who’ll provide middle-aged company without expecting them to mow the lawn beforehand.” “Do you know any blokes who want conversation, camaraderie and connection without sex? “No,” replied Colin, “Truth is I only know women who do.” “Oh my God! And just like that Linny realised that her ‘kept woman’ strategy was simply a device to feel nurtured without risking emotional hurt.

“I’ve been looking for love in all the wrong underpants,” exclaimed Linny.


Linny is strong and independent, the kind of woman men like to flirt with as an arousing challenge but not settle down with (for precisely the same reason.) Being determined Linny further researched her ‘kept woman’ idea with Colin, her neighbour, whom she dated briefly before discovering St John’s wart offered better emotional comfort.

“I’ve decided to have sex for money.” “Well,” Colin replied.


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