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People who have joined Ideal are genuine, you know they are looking for a relationship.

The feedback process helped me adjust my approach to dates, which is invaluable if you're not that confident when meeting people for the first time.

The second match, from the outset I felt wasn't quite right. The women I met were all along the lines of what I was searching for but it was unfortunate that I did not really click with any of them.


Well the only way to find out was going and see one of their lovely personal. You most probably won't be disapointed Not being a particularly social person I had tried online dating for a while, but didn't find anyone I felt was worth my time and effort.After seeing some ads and reviews for Ideal Introductions I decided that maybe the more traditional matching was the way to go.Then came the third match, and I couldn't be happier. I met up with Linda, very genuine and easy to talk to. After each date I spoke with either Linda or Kimberly who listened to my feedback and also passed on some feedback from the date, which was very helpful.Linda and her team really outdid themselves matching me with her, thanks to Ideal Introductions I am now happily engaged and looking forward to a married life with the partner only they could have matched me with. Initially I went with a different one to Ideal, basically because it was cheaper. I ended up with zero introductions, being blamed on where I lived. We spent a while discussing what I was looking for. After my membership ended I still got a few dates, which was a total surprise !!

After filling out a comprehensive profile I had an interview with Linda who quickly identified more deeply the type/style of person I was looking for, and would match me very well.

Within a month of joining up with Ideal and having completed a bit of fashion help and professional photographs, Linda had a match for me, we matched quite well, but there were a couple compatibility issues, I was then set up with another soon after deciding that the first match wasn't going to go ahead.


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    We have the most mature women and cougars looking to date you. It couldn't be easier to make contact and introduce yourself to our MILF members once you've signed up - you can send messages, chat in our public chat rooms (which include free video chat), chat privately using our Instant Messenger as well as post on their walls and like their media.

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