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The time and speed were the same and the food tasted great.

My sister has a Thermomix and I recently bought a Thermochef and have been using it non stop for the last week.

In the end if you want to buy a thermomix buy a thermomix. Ok after 12 month procrastinating on a TX 31 purchase, a friend who has the tx advised me to check the thermochef out before committing.

I think the Thermochef also looks more modern and nicer on my bench than my sister’s machine, but that’s just my personal preference.

I also like the LCD screen instead of all the buttons.

ucts/thermochef-natura/thermochef-natura It costs around 0 compared to Thermomix's 00. Has anyone here had any experience with the cheapo model? My niece recently purchased a Thermo Chef for 5.

I cooked butter chicken in my Thermochef last night, both the chef and mix recipes are very similar, but instead of putting the blade on reverse the Thermochef has speed 1 and the end result is exactly the same.

I also prefer the side scales on the thermochef; I like the fact that I can over measure something and there are no consequences, I can just remeasure.


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