Completely free sexual mastery

You are still a slave to the dictates of your mental and sensual impulses.You are still bound by the golden chains of the temporary illusion of chasing after pleasing the senses.If you are still entrapped by the idea of needing your sensual, emotional, or mental desires fulfilled, then you are far from being free, mentally, intellectually, and certainly not spiritually.

Yoga is for attaining this kind of complete freedom.However, this means freedom from material desires of all kinds.But it is another thing to be controlled by them and act them out.Sometimes the mind just goes crazy, but the intelligence knows better than to pursue such desires or ideas.


While I do my best to communicate my intentions, often times it’s impossible to explicitly state where I’m coming from in every post.By Stephen Knapp The greatest happiness for the soul starts with complete freedom: freedom from misery, unhappiness, suffering, freedom from the dictates of desires, and, ultimately, freedom from being trapped in a material body.


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