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I took my band in the studio and took seven songs and recorded them. I put those together with the songs that I worked on with Kyle and we had a full record. Everything about it seems really hard--I don't mean hard like it rocks so much, but it knows what it's doing.

It took shape right before my eyes, I didn't really plan any of it, it just happened. It's got a personality that's pretty bullet proof, it seems to be some sort of creation.

I took some time off, and that's when I went to Europe a second time and did another European tour.

When I came back, there was some talk about getting more tracks done.

There is not a bad track on it--ten of the eleven songs on it sound like singles, and the eleventh track is an acoustic track. MR: I wanted to ask you about the title track "Rough & Tumble." You can tell from what you're saying that despite its aggressive tone, there's a positive attitude in the song as well as a lot of energy on this album.

JW: It's a very committed record, and it's a very certain blues-driven rock record. If you wanna call me out on any lyrics, I can explain them all. I really knew what I was doing even though there was firestorm chaos. JW: I don't know about that, knock on wood, but it's come out of the box with everybody playing it.

I thought I should start upping the ante, so when I came back to America, I started work.


At a point, you have to put new stuff into the set.

The stuff I've recorded recently is more introspective and singer/songwriter. We do a lot of gigs in America, but the European gigs, they were really checking us out.


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