Cofounder dating site

“To be fully honest with you, I think Tinder is a great product. So I wish it continued success,” she says, adding, “I still have equity in Tinder.” Wolfe wasn’t always so rosy on Tinder.She joined the team in May 2012 when the app was still a prototype called Match Box, and helped grow it into the mammoth it is today.Rad, who received additional criticism for doodling Barry Diller’s initials in the shape of a penis during a meeting with the honcho, was ousted from his CEO position in November.

Mateen and Rad even tried to strip Wolfe of her co-founder status, she says in her suit, because having a female co-founder of a “hookup” app was too “slutty.” Wolfe resigned in light of what she deemed a hostile and fratlike work atmosphere.Soon after her texts with Mateen were made public, he was suspended and resigned in September.“Women run the world right now,” says Wolfe, who settled out of court with her former employer and parent company IAC for a rumored million. There’s no rhyme or reason.” Cue Bumble, Wolfe’s first venture since leaving Tinder.“Why can a girl not make a first move with a man, but she can go out and conquer her career? The 5-foot-6 Wolfe (5-foot-10 when sporting her suede Manolo Blahnik “BB” pumps) describes it as the Sadie Hawkins of dating apps. I can’t go over there, it’s too embarrassing.’ Girls want to make the first move.

In her lawsuit, Wolfe alleges she was sexually harassed by CEO Sean Rad and fellow co-founder Justin Mateen during the majority of her tenure there.Mateen, whom she dated on and off throughout 2013, became verbally abusive after they broke up, calling her a “slut” and a “liar” and sending her derogatory texts during work hours.


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