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Waiting anxiously as I checked in to get my two-day press pass, I asked one of the vendors, what does KAABOO mean?She threw her hands up in the air, spun around on her roller skates and said, "It's whatever you want it to mean!I truly believe getting back to your roots, for me concerts, is one of the best ways to connect to your spouse.KAABOO started last year when two life-long music enthusiasts - I should say "live" music enthusiasts - were chatting fireside, and decided to create an event paradigm that catered to a little older, more discerning audience.San Diego's entertainment and attractions have kept our family on the constant go for the past three years.However, when it comes to making plans for Bobby and me, there are only so many things we can say yes to with four kids.


KAABOO kicked things off privately on Thursday for Media guests.If you had the "Hang Ten" pass you were included in this special treat.Inspired by Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheatre, these guys created the ultimate festival, featuring live music - but so much more.This adult wonderland showcases contemporary art, comedy, dancing, the best cuisine San Diego has to offer, and plenty of other personal indulgences.


When this opportunity presented itself, it was pretty much a no-brainer.We arranged a sitter for not one, but two days, and got ready to rock out at the ultimate festival, KAABOO.


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