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To avoid crowding the notes text more than it already is, I have given Bible quotations in English (Revised Standard Version), quoting the Vulgate only when a point is being made about Dante’s echoing its language.

For the same reason, quotations from Dante’s prose writings are given in English only.

97 notes These notes draw liberally on various scholars’ writings, and many of my own thoughts on the Vita nova are here as well.

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Citations from Dante’s Divine Comedy, Convivio, De vulgari eloquentia, Monarchia, and Rime are from the editions listed in the bibliography (Contini is the source for the Rime, Barbi’s numbering).

Other poets’ miscellaneous poems are cited from Poeti del dolce stil novo, edited by Contini, or from other sources specified in the notes and bibliography.

All translations in these notes are mine unless otherwise indicated. In terms of content, the poems of thirteenth-century Florence are so unlike contemporary poems (more so than, say, the poems of ancient Rome) that they would sound foreign even if the language of the translation followed the general contemporary (unrhymed, unmetrical) aesthetic.

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